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There were more goblet cells containing neutral and acidic mucins in the crop than in the stomach, perhaps suggesting that movement of digesta through the crop is greater than in the stomach region, as discussed earlier.
We conducted this study to measure seasonal concentration and metabolism of nitrogen in rumen digesta and blood serum, and to relate these data to the seasonal variation in forage quality and forage use by moose.
4) Biohydrogenation of total unsaturated C18 fatty acids = 100-100x{(TDDUC18/TC18DD)}/{(TUC18I/TC18I)}; where, TDDUC18 = total duodenal digesta unsaturated C18; TC18DD = total C18 in duodenal digesta; TUC18I = total unsaturated C18 intake; TC18I = total C18 intake.
Digesta retention and digestive performance in sciurid and microtine rodents: effects of hindgut morphology and body size.
All of the ileal digesta between Mecel diverticulum and the terminal ileum (2 cm above the ileo-cecal junction) were obtained immediately and carefully, as explained by Huang et al.
The strained rumen liquor consists of 1 billion bacteria and 1 million protozoa per milliliter but this is not uniform, since considerable numbers of protozoa and bacteria are associated with the solid digesta [21].
Entretanto, os autores relataram que animais com alta producao de leite, em decorrencia do maior consumo e, consequentemente, da maior taxa de passagem da digesta, poderao nao apresentar esta resposta na diminuicao do teor de gordura do leite pelos isomeros do acido linoleico conjugado (CLA) nao serem sintetizados na mesma velocidade da taxa de passagem da digesta.
In addition, Alfons Jansmann of Wageningen University will talk about ingredient and nutrient composition in relation to gut health in broilers, and finally his colleague Rene Kwakkel will present his work on the reflux of digesta, an interesting phenomenon in poultry and its importance for N-efficiency and bird health.
The most notable achievement of his tenure at Herborn was the publication in 1603 of the Politica methodice digesta & exemplis sacris & profanis illustrata, a work that received immediate and widespread attention.
The digesta from the small intestine, mainly from the first third o fits length, had the highest concentration of amino acids per unit of dry weight.
It has been suggested that dietary lipid slows the rate of digesta flow in the gastrointestinal tract, and as a consequence, improves the digestibility of other nutritional components in diets (Valaja and Silijander-Rasi, 2001; Kil et al.