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Digit span performance of persons 75-96 years of age: Base rates and associations with selected demographic variables.
5,6,11,12) Neurocognitive performance was assessed by comparing the low and high functioning groups with the controls for digit span test, Trail Making Test, Stroop Colour Test, and verbal learning and memory test.
non-word repetition task and forward and backward digit span tasks) and the concurrent minimum audible angle in the group with APD.
Impaired digit span can predict further cognitive decline in older people with subjective memory complaint: A preliminary result.
Digit span Babcoks story; * 2004 [68] Corsis test COWAT FAS; ** COWAT FAS Ravens matrices * Babcocks story Ravens matrices WCST Stroop test Sammer et BADS, rule shifting Pre-post improvement: 2/5 al.
Regardless of the DY-BOCS dimension, OCS severity did not correlate significantly with the raw scores on the WAIS-III subtests Digit Span Forward, Digit Span Backward and LNS, nor with the raw scores on the FAS or Stroop Test.
In Table 5, we see how the WAIS scores (Digit Span Forward, Digit Span Backward and Letter-Number Sequencing) also drop off sharply with age.
The executive function tasks used (forward digit span, backward digit span, and letter number sequencing) are taken from the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (Wechsler, 2004).
1994), Conners' Continuous Performance Test II Version 5 (CPT II) (Conners 2004), Digit Span, Santa Ana Test, and manual Fingertapping (Lafayette Instrument Company 2002).
Compared with 37 controls, the patients with diabetes performed significantly worse on several working memory tasks, including the backward digit span, the digit span, and the Stroop Color and Word Test, which is an executive function task, the researchers reported.