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When the cognitive test results of the patients with mesial temporal sclerosis were compared with those of the other patients with epilepsy their VMPT immediate learning, VMPT long-term memory animal list, forward digit span task, and Stroop interference scores were lower although the differences were not significant.
The executive function tasks used (forward digit span, backward digit span, and letter number sequencing) are taken from the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (Wechsler, 2004).
Some test scores were missing for some children: CPT II (n = 9), Digit Span (n = 14), Santa Ana (n = 2), CRS-P (n = 1), and CRS-T (n = 53).
3%, which was for digit span (backwards) and digit symbol (120 s), at cut-off scores of [less than or equal to] 5 and [less than or equal to] 36, respectively, with the highest specificity being 83.
99 30-50 years) TGT = Timed Gait Test; DSMT = Digit Symbol Modalities Test; TMT-A = Trail Making Test A; TMT-B = Trail Making Test B; DS = Digit Span; DSF = Digit Span Forward; DSB = Digit Span Backward.
This is significant because other researchers have shown previously that auditory digit span has a genetic component.
The subtests DSF and DSB were combined to create the Digit Span raw score (Kaufman & Lichtenberger, 1999).
Digit span backwards tasks range in difficulty, depending on the number of stimuli presented in the sequence, so it was necessary to identify a number of stimuli to present during baseline that produced consistently low levels of accuracy.
Patients with TBI showed significant improvements on the Stroop task and Digit Span Test following Jin Shin acupressure sessions in a randomized, single-blind, sham acupressure-controlled clinical trial, Kristina L.
The results from our study suggested a significantly decreased score in backward digit span test, however, when these were adjusted for the performance on forward digit span the results were comparable with normal controls.
Second, to test for working memory performance, an age-dependent subsystem of memory capacity that is important for performing many day-to-day tasks, the Digit Span Backward subtest of the German version of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale WAIS-R (Tewes, 1991) was used.
The Digit Span Test is widely used on IQ tests of intelligence as a measure of short term memory (STM).