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Today's digital cameras, digital video cameras and other digital devices while certainly small and thin, also boast remarkably increased functionality.
We expect that this invention can also be licensed for implementation in other high speed digital devices requiring a low-power interface, providing the Company with an additional ongoing source of licensing revenue.
Appealing to the youth market's affinity with digital devices or the older generation's lure of investment can be incorporated through clever advertising.
Strategy Analytics' vision of the digital home is one where a variety of digital devices use wireless home networking technologies to seamlessly interact with each other and with the available broadband and digital services," says David Mercer, VP, Digital Consumer Practice.
3) Explore how networked households are using their digital devices by looking at placement of digital electronics in the home and whether or not these devices are being connected to home networks.
develops a complete product line of Core System Software, tools and applications to deliver trusted, seamless computing to digital devices for an Internet-connected world.
Smart Devices, Robotics and the Future " -- echoes the basic tenets of the Strategy Analytics Emerging Frontiers program: that digital devices must become smarter and services delivered to users must become increasingly personalized.
World Technology Distributors, a distributor of digital devices in Australia and New Zealand, is part of the Export Mission group of companies (EMIS).

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