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36) Therefore, a digital image downloaded to a computer and subsequently printed would seem to qualify.
Similar issues of plausible restoration arise in retouching photographs and digital images.
Some institutions are already proactively applying security measures to digital image collections.
Anatomical view based digital image processing automatically optimizes and enhances the quality of the captured image for the imaged anatomy
a division of Avid, have introduced Microsoft(R) Digital Image Suite PLUS, a complete set of intuitive digital photo- and video-organization and editing tools that combines Digital Image Suite 2006 with Pinnacle Studio(TM) version 10 in a single, affordable package.
The final result allows for delivery of stunning digital images for playout on compliant D-Cinema theater systems.
The Eye Q Prime Imaging application from Canon, when used with Canon Non-Mydriatic/Mydriatic Fundus Cameras, helps to quickly capture ultra high-resolution digital images that physicians can review, analyze, print, and digitally communicate to virtually any physician at any facility, anywhere in the world.
BOSTON -- Frost & Sullivan will present Eigen with the 2005 Customer Value Enhancement Award at tonight's third annual Customer Value Enhancement Awards Banquet for the company's success in augmenting and strengthening digital image capture and distribution during cardiovascular and fluoroscopic imaging procedures.
Digimarc Corporation (Nasdaq:DMRC) today announced the launch of Digimarc(R) MyPictureMarc(TM) 2005, bringing photographers and creative professionals new layers of security to protect their digital image collections.
The entire operation will feature compliance with strict security and GLP processes, so that Trestle can act as a reliable digital image creation outsourcing resource for drug development customers and clinical applications.

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