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Image quality in digital photography commonly refers to the amount of compression, if any, that is used to store the electronic digital image.
Nowadays, anyone with access to graphics software can readily modify digital images to remove such blights as red eye in flash photos or transport themselves from a crowded room to a pristine beach.
Responsible stewardship of digital image assets calls for a more formal and thorough risk management assessment of potential threats and for the creation of an informed and thoughtful security plan for their management and protection.
The Digital Image Suite PLUS package also includes Pinnacle Studio v.
Additionally, DTS provides imaging technology and services for the motion picture industry; DTS Digital Images, formerly Lowry Digital Images, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DTS and an industry leader in image restoration and enhancement.
Digimarc's digital watermarking technology provides a persistent digital identity for various media content and is used to enhance the security of financial documents, identity documents and digital images, and support other media rights management applications.
0 builds on that strong foundation and adds more innovative tools for controlling where sharpening is applied in digital images.
The MS 5000 brings phenomenal video and multimedia processing to the desktop platform," said Lew Larson, president and co-founder of Precision Digital Images.
Wayne Smith, chairman and co-founder of Precision Digital Images, said the licensing arrangement between the company and the UW will benefit the university as well as provide technological advances to the business community.
DTS Digital Images will be using the MetaVault([R]) Library, Scheduling, Time Card, and Bidding modules of Xytech Enterprise to manage various working processes including the scheduling and tracking of resources and determining time and cost required for film restoration work.
Corel Corporation (NASDAQ: CREL; TSX: CRE), a leading global software provider, and Future Image, a market research and consulting firm focused on the future of imaging, today outlined the upcoming new technology developments, industry standards, and market trends that will make the power of digital images more accessible to the mass market and corporate enterprises in the future.

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