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Tending to cause a delay in judicial proceedings.

Dilatory tactics are methods by which the rules of procedure are used by a party to a lawsuit in an abusive manner to delay the progress of the proceedings. For example, when numerous motions brought before a court for postponement are baseless, time is wasted because the court must stop the course of ongoing proceedings to examine whether there is any merit to the motions. The party in whose interests the motion is brought uses this tactic to gain time to enhance his or her position, or to postpone an action by a court as long as possible to minimize the impact of a decree rendered against him or her. A party found to engage in dilatory tactics may be held in Contempt of court.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

DILATORY. That which is intended for delay. It is a maxim, that delays in law are odious, dilationes in lege sunt odiosae. Plowd. 75.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Hines was not entitled to a seventh court-appointed lawyer because of his "dilatory and abusive conduct'' toward the six lawyers who were assigned to represent him in the past.
Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) has expressed disenchantment over dilatory attitude shown by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to resolve IRIS system issues.
Will he be wandering the town throughout next winter due to the dilatory and disjointed priorities the Caerphilly council and others give to this parochial issue, and, is the extract and symbol of Welsh greatness and patriotism demonstrated in the words engraved on the Welsh Dragon under which Carl sleeps true at all?
| PARIS, Jan 28 (KUNA) -- France on Tuesday dismissed as a "dilatory manoeuvre" the five-point document submitted earlier by the Syrian regime during the Geneva II talks aimed at ending the Syrian conflict.
She said inquiries into Mr Ismail's family life had been "dilatory" and described the standard of a UK Border Agency investigation as "low".
With just eight working days left, the Congress is concerned by the dilatory tactics of some parties which publicly support the ' pro- poor' Bill but try to covertly scuttle its passage.
He also resorted to dilatory tactics by arguing that Hafiz Saeed had been arrested and presented before the courts but for lack of evidence, the courts released him.
The minority Democrats, unable to defeat Republican bills, hoped to delay or block them through filibusters, dilatory roll call votes, and refusals to answer the roll, thus denying the majority the required quorum.
The city's attorneys also contended they had acted in good faith, that allowing documents to come in after trial wouldn't prejudice the other side and that the plaintiffs' counsel had also engaged in "dilatory discovery."
If Walsall go down by one or two points they should consider a claim against the Italian FA for their dilatory paperwork.
Khawaja noted, "We have gone through the record and have noted the recalcitrant attitude of the petitioner company which, through dilatory tactics, has frustrated the investigation of its affairs for the past nine years.
The pace here is pleasantly dilatory to be sure, the countryside streams by in the same offhanded way, yet the lightness that characterizes Jerome K.