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Dilemmas often look like two choices but many moral dilemmas are really more like multi dilemmas.
Andy and Jack Elias (right) after the Nick Savva-trained Dilemmas Flight's Oaks success at Wimbledon in 2006
She discusses the concept of intimacy and why it is important; offers an assessment packet that includes the behavioral, affective, and cognitive aspects of each couple's approach to handling intimacy and its dilemmas; outlines the interventions for building therapeutic alliance and dealing with couple behavior, affect, and thinking patterns that interfere with intimacy; and details each of the dilemmas, common problems associated with each, couple interaction patterns and behavioral deficits, and individual partner attitudes, beliefs, and expectations and emotion regulation strategies.
Although Dougherty is far too polite to express his main point in these sorts of terms, his fascinating study of medieval treatments of moral dilemmas provides yet another instance of this old story.
He reminds us that only with contemporary philosophy has the idea begun to be more commonly entertained in modern times that genuine moral dilemmas exist--that is, that innocent agents are sometimes faced with irresolvably conflicting moral obligations.
The Doctor's Dilemma was not a great popular or critical success when it was originally produced in 1906, but the play is one of Bernard Shaw's most perplexing, intriguing works and deserves a more prominent place in the Shavian canon.
The major outcomes of interest were changes in the proportion of risky choices made in positively and negatively framed dilemmas by the bipolar disorder participants.
However, they called themselves a learning community and worked on developing a shared practice, supporting each other through sharing and solving dilemmas, focusing on prospective teacher learning, and developing trusting relationships.
A total of four dilemmas were discussed over a five-week period, which included an allowance for no discussions during the week of exams.
Rest, 1986) used in solving hypothetical and authentic dilemmas is similar for substance abuse counselors (N = 188).
Specifically, the task was to estimate for several dilemmas the expected value for an uncertain course of action that would be subjectively assessed as equally attractive as a course of action with a secured result.