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The discount store itself evolved directly from the variety store--often referred to as the five and dime or, as inflation climbed, the dime store.
Fifteen years later, when he was operating a small chain of dime stores, he entered into a two-store partnership with an ambitious traveling salesman from eastern Pennsylvania, Sebastian S.
A Yankee from the Boston area, Grant was working for a local department store when he realized that there was a niche for a store offering a wider selection of merchandise than that available at dime stores.
2) Unlike grocery, drug, and department store chains, which entered businesses previously dominated by independent merchants, the dime store chains actually created their own business.
To recruit and motivate the type of men they needed, dime store chains touted their role in creating new kinds of opportunities for individuals to earn high incomes and social prestige.
Because the dime store chains kept labor costs very low by employing local females--usually teenagers living with their families and working at their first jobs--for their sales forces, the turnover rates were high.
By the First World War, when the dime store business had solidly established itself and was on the verge of its greatest prosperity, five chains dominated the field.
Kress, embarked on the path to their own success in the dime store business.
McLellan, who had begun in the dime store business working at an S.
Those pioneers of the dime store businesses were cut from similar cloth.
9) The need to keep costs down was basic: the founders and operators of the dime store chains squeezed a nickel so hard, it was said, that the buffalo bellowed.