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Vast, moving clouds; the monastery diminuitive in the canyon.
One method he employs is to elevate his diction to unchanging, lofty classical norms of praise for the beloved lady (before admitting a jarring diminuitive to describe her gentle repose): <<sus mejillas de nacar.
Considine and Fitzgerald fell out when the diminuitive Banner 'keeper was dropped from the side last year after disagreements between the pair during Considine's stint in charge.
The diminuitive Australian scrum-half guides his men around the pitch with considerable aplomb and uses his kicking game to good effect.
The diminuitive backstop (5'9", 150 pounds) was durable--enough to play an average of more than 124 games a year, most as a catcher, hitting above .
The combination of the diminuitive "costuritas" and the mention of "carino" mark this as a particularly Gelmanian line, one that points to the human capacity for love as the ideal binding agent.
Kari Rein is a diminuitive 42-year-old mother of two who has lived for the past 15 years in Grants Pass where she and her husband, a U.
On paper McDonnell should be much too experienced for the diminuitive Paisley but if the teenager can putt like he did last night, anything could happen in the 36-hole final.
The narrator is a Hungarian man of the theater (probably a stage manager) called Zoltan, though usually referred to under his diminuitive name "Zoltanka" (Little Zoltan), who has a long-term relationship with a Hungarian-French girl called Livia, or "Liv" for short.
Negerl, diminuitive for "neger" (Negro), signifies smallness and also indicates Reyzen's warmth towards his subject.
The officiating bishop or abbot and his diminuitive deacons, one of them carrying his crozier, wear white vestments, suggesting that this is a prime festival, probably Easter.
The diminuitive forward swept the ball home in the 12th minute after Adam Bastable had headed Ross Knight's cross towards the edge of the six-yard box.