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Taking away; reduction; lessening; incompleteness.

The term diminution is used in law to signify that a record submitted by an inferior court to a superior court for review is not complete or not fully certified.

Diminution in market value is a rule of damages, within which the proper measure of damages for permanent injury to real property is the reduction of market value for any use to which the property might be appropriated. It is a rule providing for the before-and-after value of stolen or damaged property.

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Au finish, le projet de budget d'Etat 2019 rectifie degage un deficit de 333 milliards 68 millions de francs CFA contre un montant initial de 387 milliards 250 millions de francs CFA, soit une diminution de 54 milliards 182 millions de francs CFA.
'The diminution will cause hardship on the plaintiffs as the value of the vessel has already depreciated and the continuing costs of maintaining her arrest will only reduce the amount to be recovered,' they said.
Bien qu'en legere diminution, le deficit public devrait rester consequent en 2018, selon la Coface.
They claimed that State Farm failed to perform an assessment for diminution in the fair market value of the property and failed to compensate them for the diminution in value loss.
PETER can make what is called a "diminution in value" claim through the courts, in order to recover the amount lost in the value of his car.
PETER can make what is called a 'diminution in value' claim through the courts in order to recover the amount lost in the value of his car.
Rahbar-Ranji [5] has proposed a spectrum for random simulation of the geometry of corroded surface based on the mean and standard deviation of thickness diminution. Rahbar-Ranji [6 ...
He can make what is called diminution in value claim through the courts to recover the amount lost in the value of his car.
Those of convinced views did not find it hard to criticise him, and some believed that the very act of changing his mind indicated a diminution of his mental processes.
The loss of tenure also means the diminution of teachers benefits, which could lead to their underemployment and contractualization, Tadle said.
C'est aussi le cas du secteur des industries agroalimentaires dont les investissements declares dans le cadre du regime totalement exportateur ont enregistre une diminution de 51.3%.
Clifford James Consultants Ltd (CJC) is one of the UK's market leaders in the provision of legal services around the diminution in value of motor vehicles, which is the loss in value of a vehicle following a road traffic accident.