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It also influences morphology, because -ag is the feminine diminutive suffix (the equivalent masculine suffix is -an), so "nominal gender assignment gets an enormous boost in the dialect" (Dorian, 1993: 134).
Although the etymology of the diminutive suffix -y, -ie most certainly will remain controversial, the plausibility of the hypothesis presented here is enhanced because of its basis in contemporary typological and psycholinguistic investigation.
If so, ciobarlan 'grimy person' plus the Scots diminutive suffix -ie would give gaberlunzie 'beggar' Many of them would be grimy and unwashed; few would be remembered as fondly as George Wilson or 'Puddin' of Bathgate, West Lothian.
For instance, the very productive diminutive suffix of Dutch attaches basically to nouns, but is also used with verbal and adjectival bases, and even with adverbs.
The latter solution is structurally analogous to small town/small city (adjective + base noun), but neither small nor little are considered here, as the diminutive suffix is seen to express endearment and not size.
However, the purpose of the present study is not to investigate their semantic traits, but rather to account for the allomorphy of the diminutive suffix.
The diminutive suffix -ce is when used denotatively encodes actual smallness of denotata: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [krace, legDIM), [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [stolce, chairDIM], [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [palce, thumbDIM], etc.
I use the Aivaliot diminutive suffix -eli as an indicative example.
As regards diminutive colour adjectives, Nieuwenhuis (1985: 65) states that "With colour terms, the diminutive suffix is usually equivalent to Eng.
Bauer (1983: 244) claims that the -ie/-y diminutive suffix is productive and has produced diminutives perhaps hypocoristic or whimsical in nature, such as e.
This is the case of the Italian diminutive suffix -ino/a, derived from Latin -inus/a which originally meant something like 'related to X'.
In the following two examples, the diminutive forms are periphrastic constructions, although Selee also has a diminutive suffix (-bi) and a diminutive class marker similar to those in Bantu languages (ka-).