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b) an action relating to succession in which the diplomatic agent is involved as executor, administrator, heir or legatee as a private person and not on behalf of the sending State;
170) The drafters explicitly noted that "the third exception arises in the case of proceedings relating to a professional or commercial activity exercised by the diplomatic agent outside his official functions.
56) The instructions further explained that the commercial-activities exception would "enable persons in the receiving State who have professional and business dealings of a non-diplomatic character with a diplomatic agent to have the same recourse against him in the courts as they would have against a non-diplomatic person engaging in similar activities.
Countries have long recognized the importance of consular functions to their overall relations, but consular personnel generally do not have the principal role of providing communication between the two countries--that function is performed by diplomatic agents.
The Filipino peacekeepers operate under the UN flag and accordingly, these Filipinos are international personnel clothed with immunity and mantle of protection similar to diplomatic agents and personnel.
They are not eighteenth century diplomatic agents, even though they may possess diplomatic skills; and business enterprises, whatever their size and complexity, are not nation states, whose experiences and concerns (such as the prevention or mitigation of war), Callieres so masterfully chronicled.
Iran underlined that it fully abides by the 1973 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes against Internationally Protected Persons, including Diplomatic Agents (also referred to as the "Protection of Diplomats Convention") and accordingly took the necessary measures through the Interpol once Tehran received information about the possible presence of one of the alleged suspects in Iran.
Taipei prosecutors are probing Chiou for his role in recruiting two businessmen to act as secret diplomatic agents in 2006 to woo the Papuan government with $30 million in Foreign Ministry funds.
While Mears is correct, the women's role was more limited than that of the gentlemen of Henry VIII's privy chamber who served him as diplomatic agents abroad.
A spokeswoman confirmed yesterday diplomatic agents had been instructed not to pay.
Also in early 2003, the UAE became a party to the 1973 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes against Internationally Protected Persons, including Diplomatic Agents.
The official website entitled "UN Conventions on Terrorism" (2) lists eight United Nations conventions and two protocols enacted between 1963 and 1991, dealing with such diverse offences as hijacking, attacks on diplomatic agents and other internationally protected persons, hostage taking, theft of nuclear material and unlawful acts against maritime navigation and fixed platforms located on the continental shelf.

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