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DIPLOMATICS. The art of judging of ancient charters, public documents or diplomas, and discriminating the true from the false. Encyc. Lond. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This edition goes a step further than other diplomatic editions of Middle English medical texts since it renders the translation of the mediaeval text into Present-Day English, which is not usual in this type of publications.
A Diplomatic Edition of the Bodleian Manuscript (Tanner 307), ed.Mario A.
Perhaps Deborah Aldrich-Watson's The Verse Miscellany of Constance Aston Fowler: A Diplomatic Edition (2000) is the least interesting of the three works under consideration.
Cowe therefore presents a diplomatic edition of his base manuscript, a representative of his group A which most closely approximates the original.
The two volumes of Stuart's book include an introduction, a very long analysis of the text entitled "Meditation and Textual Practice in the Saddharmasmrtyupasthanasutra," a critical edition of the Sanskrit text face-to-face with a heavily annotated English translation, a diplomatic edition of the Sanskrit manuscript, a critical edition of the Tibetan translation, and the Chinese text.
This volume is the last, in a series of four, of the first uniform diplomatic edition of the Ancrene Wisse group of texts, all published by Peter Lang; the three previous volumes being The Ancrene Wisse: A Four-Manuscript Parallel Text, Preface and Parts 1--4, eds Tadao Kubouchi and Keiko Ikegami (2003); The Ancrene Wisse: A Four-Manuscript Parallel Text, Parts 5--8 with Wordlists, eds Tadao Kubouchi and Keiko Ikegami (2005); and The Katherine Group: A Three-Manuscript Parallel Text, eds Shoko Ono and John Scahill (2011).
In a confusing, and confused, contravention of standard terminology, the diplomatic edition (A) is called transliterasi kritis, a normalized edition (B) is called transliterasi diplomatis (p.
Kobusch has chosen not to print the text of b in a diplomatic edition but to unify the orthography according to the rules for classical Latin texts.
The author precedes his treatment of each of the thirty-four strophes of the Ezzo-lied with a photocopy of the relevant lines from the well-known facsimile edition of the Vorau Codex 276, accompanied by a modified diplomatic edition, with graphemic normalization, and a straightforward line-by-line translation into modern German.
Pigeaud incorporated a diplomatic edition with critical notes and the first English translation with a commentary into his Java in the Fourteenth Century (5 volumes.
Achesoh's diplomatic edition reproduces an eighteenth-century copy in the Portland Papers (XXIII f 80119) now at Longlear House.
This book is a diplomatic edition and translation of an early medieval text entitled 'Quomodo Septem Circumstantiae Rerum in Legendo Ordinandae Sint' known as The Saint Gall Tractate.