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DIPLOMACY., The science which treats of the relations and interests of nations with nations.

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Establishment of diplomatic relations is in accordance with the interests of either states, and will help in consolidating international peace and security and uphold the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity.
At a ceremony earlier this week at the Permanent Mission of Chad to the United Nations in New York, the United States, Peter Thomson, Fiji's permanent representative to the UN and his Chadian counterpart Cherif Mahamat Zene signed a joint communique establishing diplomatic relations between the two nations, according to Fiji's Department of Information.
broke off diplomatic relations and imposed a trade embargo on Cuba, among the world's transitions have been the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Vietnam War and restoration of full relations with that former enemy, Kerry noted.
The question of whether restoring diplomatic relations or even ending the US trade embargo was the best thing to do will be answered in time.
The two sides decided to establish the relations, in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961.
Diplomatic relations with Syria were severed in February 2012 under the Troika on a decision by caretaker president Moncef Marzouki, "given the increase in the number of civilians killed by government forces" as the presidency of the republic said at that time.
The State Department welcomed the nomination of the veteran diplomat, describing the move as an "historic" step which reflects growing bilateral US and Somalia diplomatic relations which ushered in a new phase in 2013.
These agreements were signed under the rules established by the UN Charter and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, as well as Kyrgyzstan's claim for membership in the United Nations Human Rights Committee for 2016-2018.
The United Arab Emirates and the Commonwealth of Dominica have signed a Joint Communique on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the two countries.
The United States and Cuba seem to be all set to restore diplomatic relations after more than 50 years.
Fifty years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel have been a good start, and I am sure there will be more of it to come, as both peoples need this strong, stable and friendly relationship.
The tete-a-tete meeting of President Ivanov and Pope Francis discussed the situation in Christianity, the relations between Macedonia and Vatican, and the diplomatic relations which this year mark 20 years of establishment, as well as issues from the field of history, philosophy and everyday life.