Direct Examination

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Direct Examination

The primary questioning of a witness during a trial that is conducted by the side for which that person is acting as a witness.

During the course of a direct examination, the attorney who is conducting the interrogation generally asks specific questions that provide the foundation of the case. After a witness is directly examined, the opposing side conducts a cross-examination, the purpose of which is to impeach or test the validity of the testimony.

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direct examination

n. the first questioning of a witness during a trial or deposition (testimony out of court), as distinguished from cross-examination by opposing attorneys and re-direct examination when the witness is again questioned by the original attorney. (See: witness, testimony, cross-examination, deposition)

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As described by Miller et al, (7) we have shown that in all instances of true mycoses, one or more of the traditional diagnostic methods (ie, histopathology, direct examination, and fungal culture) established the diagnosis, eliminating, in almost all instances, the need for molecular studies.
Direct examination with dark-field microscopy of specimens from a patient with agammaglobulinemia who had Spiroplasma apis infection, France.
Tom Jackson and Mike Ginsberg discuss techniques for presenting the direct examination of percipient and expert witnesses at trial to maximize the persuasiveness of the testimony.
Only one case of diabetes was observed, which probably contributed to the presence of microconidia at the direct examination. It is a rare observation but one we have already observed with Fusarium sp.
(15) This helps the prosecutor to conduct informed pretrial negotiations with the defense (16) and begin to design a direct examination. (17) Before leaving the CAC, the prosecutor and investigator should introduce themselves to the child and the child's caregiver.
Technicians who are qualified in some tasks, but not experienced in all phases of direct examination of corrosion, gouges, dents, weld defects, cracks, wrinkle bends, SCC, construction defects, etc.
The trial court noted that on direct examination, Rosalia admitted that she did not see he husband fall, but rather, after the fact, deduced what had happened.
Separate chapters are devoted to winning the discovery and Section 7114 union requests and winning direct examination and cross-examination.
It will be followed by a direct examination that will give the referees a chance to earn a blue badge.
The findings were confirmed by direct examination of the brains.
In its February draft, the committee had provided that statements contained in published treatises, periodicals, or pamphlets on a subject of history, medicine, or other science or art, established as a reliable authority by the testimony or admission of a witness or by judicial notice, might be read into evidence to the extent they were called to the attention of an expert witness during cross-examination or relied on by the expert witness in direct examination.
Further, the court focused on the fact that during direct examination, the estate's expert, Dr.

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