Director of the mint

DIRECTOR OF THE MINT. An officer whose duties are prescribed by the Act of Congress of January 18, 18 37, 4 Sharsw. Cont. of Story L. U. S. 2524, as follows: The director shall have the control and management of the mint, the superintendence of the officers and persons employed therein, and the general regulation and supervision of the business of the several branches. And in the month of January of every year he shall make report to the president of the United States of the operation of the mint and its branches for the year preceding. And also to the secretary of the treasury, from time to time, as said secretary shall require, setting forth all the operations of the mint subsequent to the last report made upon the subject.
     2. The director is required to appoint, with the approbation of the president, assistants to the assayer, melter and refiner, chief coiner and engraver, and clerks to the director and treasurer, whenever, on representation made by the director to the president, it shall be the opinion of the president that such assistants or clerks are necessary. And bonds may be required from such assistants and clerks in such sums as the director shall determine, with the approbation of the secretary of the treasury. The salary of the director of the mint, for his services, including travelling expenses incurred in visiting the different branches, and all other charges whatever, is three thousand five hundred dollars.

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Under the portrait: the crossed pick and hammer (mintmark of the Royal Norwegian Mint) and the initials of the Director of the Mint, JEJ (Jan Erik Johansen).
First and foremost, this Biennial Report to Congress reflects the continuing deep commitment of the Mint to reduce the cost of producing our nation's circulating coins," said Richard Peterson, Deputy Director of the Mint.
Underneath: the crossed pick and hammer mintmark of the Royal Norwegian Mint and the initials, JEJ, of the director of the Mint Jan Erik Johansen.
Moy joins L&L from the United States Mint, where he has served as 38th Director of the Mint since 2006.
The mintmark of the Royal Norwegian Mint, the crossed pick and hammer, and the initials of the director of the Mint, JEJ (Jan Erik Johansen), are placed underneath the vessel on the right half of the coin.
To kick off this 40th Anniversary "Silver to Gold Campaign", the Director of the Mint, Jay Johnson, will host an educational Golden Dollar Pancake breakfast for the fifth grade students of Crouch Elementary at the East Freeway (I-30) IHOP in Fort Worth, Texas.
Kermit the Frog, the official "spokesfrog" for the 50 State Quarters Program, will join the director of the Mint, Philip N.
Director of the Mint Series: Portrait of William H.
Precise yearly data for the value of the monetary gold stock in the United States for the classical gold standard era are taken from the annual summary Report of the Director of the Mint published by the Government Printing Office.
Bureau of the Mint (1907) Annual Report of the Director of the Mint for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1907.
Former Director of the Mint Brings Seasoned Leadership
In 1861 President Abraham Lincoln appointed former Pennsylvania governor James Pollock as director of the Mint.

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