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Ian Kenyon, Birmingham Adele is a half-decent singer but her songs are pretty much all dirges about breaking up with her blokes.
He took sayings, funeral dirges or wedding celebrations, and put them into English, in a well-worked manner,'' said Diawara, a professor at New York University, where he heads the Institute of Afro-American Affairs.
On Sunday, a Weibo (China's microblog) user in one of China's biggest cities reported that it seemed someone had passed away in a street nearby, because funeral dirges were played early that morning.
This powerful bracelet leads her to Callum - a Dirge, a ghostly figure who is locked in a halflife/half-death existence in St Paul's Cathedral with fellow tortured souls.
Given the choice, I would far rather see Quo than listen to maudlin dirges from Coldplay, Embrace or Athlete.
More problematic still is the fact that the songs are hookless, almost indistinguishable dirges, resulting in a work with limited cult appeal rather than a bona fide hit.
It's got some of the best bands from the city (Functional Blackouts, White+Outs, Baseball Furies, Tyrades) and some up and comers (Vee Dee, Hot Machines, The Dirges, and more).
All this week, the channel everyone forgot dumped those subtitled Polish dirges and gave us a fascinating season of football.
God has Micah and Habakuk issue satires and dirges lampooning the rich, who are as greedy as death and want the whole world for themselves and all peoples for their slaves (Hab.
While Gonson's deadpan singing renders a couple of slow numbers into dirges ("No River"), it also brilliantly illuminates Merritt's wit on the more dramatic ditties, especially the sweeping and hilarious "I'm A Vampire": "I've survived for 700 years / And still look 17," she tosses off with a shrug.
the Russian dirges that had resonance in the Negro spirituals .