Disability Rights Commission

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Disability Rights Commission (DRC)

an executive non-departmental public body charged with stopping discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity for disabled people. It covers, inter alia, employment and educational issues.
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A Debenhams' spokesperson said: "We have confirmed in a statement to the Disability Rights Commission Debenhams' continuing commitment to providing disabled access to products situated on all floors in its stores throughout the country.
A spokeswoman for the Disability Rights Commission said: "Eighty-one per cent is an alarmingly high figure and what is worse is that because of the way the legislation is framed it is the responsibility of an individual disabled person to bring court action against an organisation whose site is inaccessible.
Diabetes UK and the Disability Rights Commission say that people with insulin-dependent diabetes are often adept at managing their condition and should be subject to individual risk assessment instead of being hit by a blanket ban.
The Disability Rights Commission support that view.''
Newcastle resident and wheelchair-user, Catherine Bowditch, joined forces with the Disability Rights Commission to start the campaign.
Research undertaken by the Disability Rights Commission also reveals that the general public in Wales places a greater value on teaching disabled pupils in an integrated setting than their counterparts elsewhere in the UK.
Sir, - The Disability Rights Commission would like to speak with parents of disabled children, disabled pupils and students about their experiences, good or bad, of mainstream education and who have opinions about disabled children and students beingeducated in ordinary schools and colleges.
It will address the implications of the Disability Discrimination Act and the Disability Rights Commission.
It's the creative work of the Disability Rights Commission who are challenging the thousands of people that pass through London's Trafalgar Square to consider their attitudes to disability.
Speaking about the case,launched by the Disability Rights Commission (DRC)on behalf of Mr Ross,Lord Morris said: ``This landmark judgment reflects high credit on the Disability Rights Commission.
The Disability Rights Commission yesterday launched its Open 4 All campaign at Grey's Monument, Newcastle, to remind bosses that they had just one year to give their pub, restaurant, bank or library a shake-up to improve access for disabled people.
THE Disability Rights Commission claims Wales is leading the United Kingdom in building an education system in which disabled pupils can thrive.

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