Disability Rights Commission

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Disability Rights Commission (DRC)

an executive non-departmental public body charged with stopping discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity for disabled people. It covers, inter alia, employment and educational issues.
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The Disability Rights Commission said the Government could face a legal challenge under new laws unless it acts to stamp out discrimination.
It has been compiled through consultation with the Images of Disability Steering Group, which includes representatives from the UK Disability Rights Commission, to ensure both accuracy of information and to gain support and input.
The survey for the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) also revealed 62% believed it was a good thing to have an Act which protected everyone's human rights.
Chris Oswald, of the Disability Rights Commission in Scotland, said he was 'shocked' by the case of 10 year-old Oliver McCleary, who has been receiving tuition in a store cupboard for the past seven months at Castle Douglas primary school in Dumfries and Galloway.
Ryanair's policies towards disabled passengers have earned it another rebuke from the UK Disability Rights Commission (DRC) after a group of blind and partially-sighted passengers were offloaded at Stansted Airport.
A Mori poll for the Disability Rights Commission in Scotland found that 32 per cent of non-disabled workers felt their employers would not make adjustments to help them stay in work following a serious accident.
The Disability Rights Commission has published advice on how to comply with the law by ensuring that web pages use clear language, large print and sound capabilities.
The Disability Rights Commission (DRC), which backed the Buniaks, said it was a "heartbreaking" case.
Following the incident the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) has filed a case on behalf of the man.
Recently, Scotland's Disability Rights Commission conducted a survey of 1000 adults in Scotland to get an estimate of the public awareness of discrimination faced by the disabled community.

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