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To use the proposed solution, a network traffic disassembler needs to provide a callback function that works in streaming mode, identifying valid opcodes one at a time.
The toolkit uses SLED specifications to help programmers write applications that process machine code - assemblers, disassemblers, code generators, tracers, profilers, and debuggers.
Most of the decompiling work was done manually with no more tools than a disassembler (adb) and an architecture manual.
The OCP disassembler (ocpdis2) allows the display of OCP connection activity in a convenient, readable, report format.
The toolset supports a broad range of processor architectures including DSP, RISC and VLIW and also generates assembler, disassembler and various integration packages automatically from the same description.
In the demonstration MaxCore automatically generates the simulation model, assembler and disassembler.
The new tools join QED's existing family of support products which includes evaluation boards for the RM5230(TM) and RM5260(TM), SDE-MIPS software tools from Algorithmics, and HP and Tektronix logic analyzer processor pod and disassembler software support.
In addition to its easy-to-use interface, other key features and capabilities of the Nohau emulators include an in-line assembler and disassembler, hardware and software breakpoints, high-level debugging, real-time emulation, memory mapping, single stepping, and real-time tracing.
RM5230 and RM5260 microprocessor logic analyzer support is planned by Corelis (Cerritos, CA) for Hewlett-Packard pre-processor pods and disassembler software and by Crescent Heart Software (Portland, OR) for Tektronix adapter pods and disassembler software.
The phone disassemblers have discovered some wacky things in the new iPhone, including an L-shaped dual battery and a folded-over logic board.
The customer may be familiar with computer tools like disassemblers and decompilers.