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Ainsi, pour expliquer leur constance au sein de l'ashram et pour accrediter leur foi envers leur maitre, tous les disciples ont certaines histoires personnelles extraordinaires liees au maitre, comme la guerison miraculeuse du fils de Nora, atteint d'une maladie degenerative incurable.
In short, Mark does not finally call us to emulate Jesus instead of the disciples. Rather, the Gospel of Mark is indeed Gospel, proclaiming Gods mercy and grace to those of us who, like the Markan disciples, suffer fear, incomprehension and faithlessness and are nevertheless kept in the circle of God's chosen.
At one point, Steiner quotes Nietzsche: "I need disciples. If my books do not act as bait, they will have failed in their intent.
by the other disciples" and "cursed by other generations." And what is it that Judas should do?
The disciples put out their nets and caught breakfast and ate it together with Jesus.
Writing in 1851, Marx told his disciples: "You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."
But in John 21 Jesus is not a catch-and-release angler since: a) he helps the disciples catch and kill exactly 153 fish; and b) he himself roasts some fish for an impromptu breakfast on the beach.
If only Jesus' disciples had access to this text, perhaps they would have been spared exemplifying the worst of "earthly, unspiritual, and devilish" behavior for the rest of us Christians.
LATE this night two heartbroken,elderly disciples, who had witnessed the crucifixion begin their long journey home to Emmaus.
"Good stewardship has to reach out and find new disciples." Mr.
The Christian Board of Publication of the Disciples of Christ announced that it is, "with great regret," suspending publication of Disciple magazine.
But The Disciples of Soul will play at a concert in Bedworth Civic Hall on the same night, April 3.