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Possible slope face orientations: The pole concentrations of the discontinuities data showed that the quarry sites had three major discontinuity planes (J1 J2 and J3); two of them were steeper while the other one was relatively flat (Table 2).
5o)]) and discontinuity spacing index proposed by Pettifier and Fookes (1994).
ti] within the ith discontinuity can be expanded over the modal eigenfunction basis that satisfies the boundary conditions.
In all this there was considerable discontinuity made possible by a "return to the sources," that is, by bringing a richer, deeper and broader tradition to bear.
Optimal direction of drive for tunneling-type operations, with respect to prevailing discontinuity orientations;
In order to apply the MMT and for reducing computational time when calculating the GSM, an adequate number of proper modes which meet at the discontinuity must be selected (M proper modes in waveguide a, and N proper modes in waveguide b).
One of the experimental holes dug by the Americans reached more than 180 meters below the seafloor, but plans to dig a larger Pacific hole down to the discontinuity, perhaps six kilometers or more, were called off in 1966 because of increasing costs.
Each technological discontinuity brings about a technological cycle.
A defect, according to AWS (American Welding Society), is a discontinuity or discontinuities, which by nature or accumulated effect (e.
The authors seek to demonstrate that some systems that present a discontinuity in their properties can be treated as nonlinear functions while others can be modified in such a way that the discontinuity can be modeled as part of the damping properties.
A pinhole or other discontinuity will cause a spark to jump from the electrode to the specimen.
Familiarity with the prior Tinker will lend easy access to this ongoing story of Wolf, who rules under siege in Pittsburgh, now stranded on Elfhome, and who struggles to keep the peace between the humans and the fantasy world they've entered even as Tinker is facing a mystery of a growing discontinuity in Turtle Creek with nightmares of the future.