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If these commercial bills were guaranteed against default by an acceptance house, exporters, in turn, could freely sell these sterling bills to a London bank (discount house) at the world's lowest open-market rates of interest."(44) More succinctly, "London without its specialized discount market would be London without its greatness."(45)
has cornered the upscale discount market, and Kmart Corp.
For instance, the main entrance travelator ramps are sheltered by a roof that is supported on abstracted trees made out of slender steel tubes, and for once, entrance to a huge discount market is fun and welcoming without being pretentious or pompous.
However, in the increasingly competitive discount market, management at both Sears and Kmart made a number of serious blunders.
("Another discounter just trying to do what Aldi is doing"--Graeme Seabrook, managing director of Kwik Save[20]; Netto targeted the discount market "with no intention of taking the multiples head on in any form of retailing battle"[21].)
Four would be affordable - three for social rent and one for sale at discount market value.
A section 106 agreement would secure two on-site discount market value homes and PS17,600 for education.
It's a fantastic business and one that I have been following for a number of years given the growth it has achieved in the discount market.
It is the latest offer from the Deeside based retailer as the battle heats up in the discount market.
A surprise move by Sainsbury's to enter the discount MARKET in a joint venture with Danish supermarket Netto had little impact on shares.
"Everyone wants to be in the discount market, so we have to be sharper and especially quicker than ever.
The chains has been hailed for reinventing the traditional five-and-dime for today's younger generation, and has launched a new retail category within the specialty discount market.