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Discount retailers have been expanding at a rapid rate on Britain's high streets since the financial crisis and recession as they have enjoyed surging demand from cash-strapped shoppers.
GROWTH Discount retailer Dealz is opening new stores in Co Westmeath, Co Waterford, Co Louth and Co Tipperary later this year
When I first looked at it I said, 'Dude, there is no way we should do this because we're trying to build our brand and it's too early to take our name and put it in a discount retailer,'" Shane says.
Miglore said discount retailers are suffering from a combination of softer-than-expected consumer spending and competitive pressures from dominant players in the category.
One of the objectives of the study is to define a discount clothing retailer, so it is expected that the working definition of a discount retailer will be refined as the results from the research emerge.
DISCOUNT retailer Poundland is set to open a second store in Huddersfield.
German discount retailer Lidl announced it will open its first stores in Bulgaria on November 25 2010, a move that will heat up further the competition in the sector.
A LEADING discount retailer is set to open its 14th store in Northern Ireland in just 12 month, with further expansion planned.
DISCOUNT retailer Poundland has been T snapped up by a private equity buyer, it was confirmed.
The West Midlands, which is home to the country's best-known discount retailer Poundland, has 82 low-cost stores and the sector is showing signs of penetrating into areas which traditionally have a higher-end retail offering such as towns like Worcester and Shrewsbury.
The store's target audience is already in the mall and it is strategically situated next to another discount retailer.