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Poundland employs more than 11,000 staff and is the largest single price discount retailer in Europe.
Discount retailers in Huddersfield town centre already include Poundworld and Original Pound Shop, both on New Street, and a pound shop in the Packhorse Centre.
The weak environment in the discount retailer segment and the reactions of our customers in that segment of the market are having effects on every aspect of our business.
In the UK there are various types of specific discount outlets which include food discounters, factory outlets and the high-street discount retailers.
German discount retailer Lidl announced it will open its first stores in Bulgaria on November 25 2010, a move that will heat up further the competition in the sector.
New research released by the Local Data Company backed by the British Property Federation (BPF) shows that discount retailers have increased by 60 per cent during the last two years.
This is good for landlords who would much rather have a discount retailer than an empty store - particularly as Gordon Brown is continuing to hurt businesses by making them pay full business rates on empty space.
One of the Northeast's leading discount retailers, Caldor, opened it's doors this week in The Bronx at the former Alexanders location in Soundview, continuing the company's growth in the metropolitan area and solving, at least temporarily, the vacancy crisis in this neighborhood's only major shopping mall.