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DISCREPANCY. A difference between one thing and another, between one writing and another; a variance. (q.v.)
     2. Discrepancies are material and immaterial. A discrepancy is immaterial when there is such a difference between a thing alleged, and a thing offered in evidence, as to show they are not substantially the same; as, when the plaintiff in his declaration for a malicious arrest averred, that "the plaintiff, in that action, did not prosecute his said suit, but therein made default," and the record was, that he obtained a rule to discontinue. 4 M. & M. 2 5 3. An immaterial discrepancy is one which does not materially affect the cause as, where a declaration stated that a deed bore date in a certain year of our Lord, and the deed was simply dated " March 30, 1701." 2 Salk. 658; 19 John. 49 5 Taunt. 707; 2 B. & A. 301; 8 Miss. R. 428; 2 M'Lean, 69; 1 Metc. 59; 21 Pick. 486.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Paired t-test analyses were run in order to assess differences in actual: ought and actual: ideal discrepancy scores, showing that actual: ideal discrepancies were consistently higher than actual: ought discrepancies.
According to the DOF, trade data discrepancy occurs when trade data reported by a country differ from those reported by its trading partners.
"Automation of trade processes through the TradeNet will further reduce trade data discrepancy, improve revenue collectors' capabilities and at the same time, facilitate trade," Beltran said.
This study was designed with the following aims: (a) to investigate the relationship between Body Image Discrepancy (Actual vs.
Types of ABO Group Discrepancies and their Serological Reactions Bone Bombay Marrow Diagnosis H-Absent A2B Tx Discrepancy Group of IV II I Discrepancy Type of Extra Weak Anti A Mixed field Discrepancy antibody expression reaction Serum Unknown B B Cell O Ab Unknown Serum O cells 4+ 0 Grouping B cells 4+ 0 0 A1 cells 4+ 1+ 4+ Cell Anti-H 0 3+ 3+ Grouping Anti-B 1+ 2+ Anti-A1 0 0 0 Anti-D 0 4+ 4+ Anti-B 0 3+ MF Anti-A 0 2+ 0 Sl.
A difference greater than 2 SD of the normal ratios is clinically significant.6,9,10 Among patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, the occurrence of an overall Total space discrepancy (TSD) has varied from 4%- 11%.11
The normalized discrepancy is defined as [(statistics of [E.sup.N])--(statistics of [E.sup.1])]/(statistics of [E.sup.1]): it quantifies the discrepancy between the statistics of [E.sup.N] and the statistics of [E.sup.1].
In the control group, 68% of participants (n = 30) had at least one prescription error or medication discrepancy, compared to 39% of participants (n = 16) in the intervention group.
In 1932, Erdos proposed that with enough numbers in a sequence, there is no limit to how high the discrepancy can get.
Given that two individuals are likely to differ in their level of sexual desire and that levels of sexual desire tend to fluctuate over time, influenced by biological factors, internal motivations, and characteristics of people's relationships (e.g., length of the relationship; Levine, 1987), it is inevitable that most individuals will experience some degree of sexual desire discrepancy with their sexual partner and that this will change over the course of the relationship (Herbenick, Mullinax, & Mark, 2014).
The discrepancy involves a final rule that offers a different description of the scope of the rule than what was published in the guide that the bureau issued in September 2014 to help small financial institutions understand how to comply with the new rule, and the supplementary information that accompanies the rule, according to CUNA.
The chart review, including discharge records January-March 2012, revealed a 77.9% (n=68) discrepancy rate at time of discharge.