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The fifth scenario is the same chosen scenario in results and discussion section, in which application efficiency is more important.
(204.) Id.; see also supra discussion section VI and accompanying text (arguing imposition of liability depends on benefit or detriment to economy).
Those doing research in dental hygiene need to identify the broader, common themes in their studies and incorporate that literature into the literature review, methodologies, and discussion sections." The members of my thesis committee advised me in determining the focus of the aforementioned section.
"The function of the discussion section in academic medical writing".
* The Discussion section should summarize the results in light of previous research and theory.
In the Discussion section of their article, the authors shed new light on issues of the emotional development of students with gifts and talents.
Users can submit questions to be addressed by the group or CSNews editors in the Discussion section, similar to a message board.
We would welcome your thoughts about the e-magazine, so please take some time to click through to the online feedback form that will be provided with it, or visit the FM discussion section of CIMAsphere and tell us what you think at groups/content/fm-feedback.
We have already mentioned the possible myelo-suppression by viral infections in the discussion section of our manuscript, similar to that Dr.
Therefore, if there is a story to be told, the discussion section is where it takes place.
I must take exception to the discussion section regarding motivation in the Journal's December 2008 article "Correctional Education from the Perspective of the Prisoner Student" by Hall and Killacky.