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Following this, the discussion sections were both electronically scanned and read through by two independent observers for words and passages that could be considered as self-criticism.
Writing the results and discussion sections resides solely with me.
Two ways that authors stumble when preparing the Discussion section are by repeating many of the details just presented in the Results section and by repeating the Introduction and all of the background material in it.
We do not agree with his comment about the comparison of prevalence of different ESBL producing species in the discussion section.
While no truncated Discussion section is likely to serve as the
A recent publication provides further information of the issues presented in the discussion section of our paper (6).
The flexion rotation test (FRT) was only measured immediately after the intervention on the first visit and this was clearly stated in the abstract and discussion section of the paper.
Within the notebook is also a list of books to read and an extended book discussion section.
There is a reading group guide and questions for discussion section included in the back of the book.
Each episode has a discussion section where learners can make cross-cultural connections.
We accomplished our goal of fostering more student-directed critical thinking and problem solving by incorporating case study exercises into a discussion section with a social and cooperative learning environment.
In the discussion section, the first item is item number twenty about reporting of interpretation of results taking into consideration the study hypotheses, sources of potential bias or imprecision and the dangers associated with multiplicity of analyses and outcomes.