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Free from bias, prejudice, or partiality.

A disinterested witness is one who has no interest in the case at bar, or matter in issue, and is legally competent to give testimony.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
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Nawaz Sharif may have been a disinterested prime minister but he is not disinterested in his daughter's inheritance.
"Disinterested" and "uninterested" are not synonyms.
Carlile said Asean could play the role of a disinterested facilitator because of its location in Asia.
The Delaware Supreme Court's resolution of these interlocutory appeals will provide much needed clarity on the issue of whether, under an entire fairness standard of review, exculpation under 102(b)(7) can be employed to dismiss disinterested directors at the motion to dismiss stage, or whether they must await a full review of the entire fairness of the transaction, which necessitates either a trial or costly discovery and a summary judgment motion.
Based on their responses, consumers were categorized into three groups: buyers of insurance, non-buyers and the disinterested -- defined as those who had never researched or shopped for life insurance.
'disinterested'?, can you be disinterested when you're facing 95mph from Mitchell Johnson?
According to Sport24, Downton said that he watched every ball of the Sydney Test live and added that he has never seen anyone as disinterested or distracted as Pietersen.
This strikingly disinterested account is made to the auspicious audience of a "high official on his tour." Responding to "the excellency"'s question as to whether he knew Heyst very well, Davidson remarks: "The truth is that nobody out here can boast of having known him well...
Mrs Marland told Bristol Crown Court: "Vincent sounded tired and disinterested. He was being short with his answers, not elaborating.
In the first section of this article, I show how Levinas's understanding of disinterested goodness, as the summons to responsibility for the afflicted and afflicting neighbor, can ground ethics after Auschwitz.
It is also problematic: whether disinterested or deeply interested, heroines still suffer.

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