Disinterested witness

DISINTERESTED WITNESS. One who has no interest in the cause or matter in issue, and who is lawfully competent to testify.
     2. In North Carolina and Tennessee, wills to pass lands must be attested by disinterested witnesses. See Attesting Witness; Competent Witness; Credible Witness; Respectable Witness, and Witness.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'And, sir, you are not a disinterested witness, we must bear in mind.'
If this fact could be proved, on the testimony of a disinterested witness, the case against Arnold would be strengthened tenfold; and Lady Lundie might act on her discovery with something like a certainty that her information was to be relied on.
The evidence that the house is haunted is of two kinds: the testimony of disinterested witnesses who have had ocular proof, and that of the house itself.
result suffered emotional distress beyond that which would be anticipated in a disinterested witness. Acknowledging that it was drawing arbitraiy lines as to who could recover for NIED, the court explained that "the number of family members who might seek damages for a single incident could enlarge a defendant's burden.
(55) of course, defendant #1's representative waives his Dead Man's Act protection if he presents testimony from a disinterested witness about the collision, therefore opening the door to plaintiff and defendant #1 telling their side of the story.
If police conduct was too coercive or a statement was not voluntary, the recording provides an independent, disinterested witness on behalf of the suspect.
In the absence of physical injury or impact to a plaintiff himself [or herself], damages for emotional distress should be recoverable only if a plaintiff: (1) is closely related to the injury victim; (2) is present at the scene of the injury-producing event at the time it occurs and is then aware that it is causing injury to the victim, and (3) as a result, suffers emotional distress beyond that which would be anticipated in a disinterested witness. Accordingly, despite the obvious negligence of the nurse, the plaintiff was unable to recover for emotional distress related injuries since he failed to comply with the requirements.
The disinterested witness: A fragment of Advaita Vedanta phenomenology.
McGill presents her as a disinterested witness who reported Abu-Jamal's confession within twenty-four hours.
The court was apparently impressed by the appearance of the owner of the Long Island residence ("a disinterested witness"), whose testimony the court specifically noted "undermined" the daughter's "assertion that she occupied the Old Brookville premises for convenience only".
It declared that the trial court's conclusions were founded on the direct and positive assertions of the offended party as regards the material occurrences, as well as the corroborative testimonies of disinterested witnesses. Furthermore, his unexplained flight from his home and going into hiding after Linda had reported the incident show that he is really guilty.

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