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It continuously captures data as it is written, maintaining a complete data history that can be quickly accessed and recovered back to the protected server to any point in time for continuous protection, without the capacity requirements or administration overhead of disk mirroring.
For example, using existing IP networks between geographically separated facilities, companies can support their daily production network and real-time synchronous data replication and disk mirroring applications by day, and perform scheduled, asynchronous tape backups during evenings and weekends, when excess bandwidth is available.
Using synchronous disk mirroring technologies across a distance presents a similar problem.
Such conversions cause network latency or traffic bottlenecks that slow the data transmission and stifle key applications such as disk mirroring.
This storage may be a shared SCSI disk drive or virtual shared storage through a volume of file level disk mirroring software.
Disk mirroring tools are accomplishing such things right now and so-called "snapshot" tools are following right along, but disk drives are anything but invulnerable.
While disk mirroring is often considered a "safety" process, to be used only to protect data, this view looks to the past, not toward the future.
However, applications such as disk mirroring and backup/restore demand greater distances.