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10,11,12] Although, anterior elbow dislocations usually are caused by a direct blow to the posterior aspect of the flexed elbow, [6] yet hyperextension of the elbow also has been implicated.
Knee dislocations happen when the patella, or kneecap, slips out of its normal position, often as a result of trauma, intense exercise or physically challenging work.
As the rate of obesity increases, the rate of knee dislocations increases.
The patients with habitual or first dislocations were not included in the study.
In this study, we experimentally investigate the acoustic nonlinearity of a planar-array slip material and examine the influence of dislocations on acoustic nonlinearity.
Patellar dislocations are a common problem occurring in young physically active subjects.
Nerve lesions in primary shoulder dislocations and humeral neck fractures.
Consensus guidelines suggest conservative management for Rockwood grade I to II dislocations and surgical repair for Rockwood grade IV to VI dislocations (SOR: C, expert opinion).
The shoulder is the most commonly dislocated joint in the body, with approximately 95% of dislocations being anterior in nature (Aronen and Regan 1982, Cutts et al 2009, Lampert et al 2003, Li et al 2013).
There was no history of connective tissue disease, seizure, or prior dislocations.