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- Dismantling work to dismantle the supply lines in the connecting passages between boiler house and house 30 (steam, condensate, line drainage),
'The owners shall dismantle the sites on their own.
The North's foreign ministry announced Saturday night that it will dismantle its Punggye-ri nuclear test site between May 23 and 25, and will invite journalists from South Korea, China, Russia, the United States and Britain to cover the dismantling on-site.
It would take time to dismantle the plazas because the work would have to be done without any disruption to the traffic flow at the stretches, he said in a statement.
"Today's decision means that we can now take action, but any work to dismantle the structure will need to be carried out in a safe, carefully planned and controlled manner."
Moving big furniture like this Bluebell sofa in Espresso (from pounds 890, www.sofa.com, 0845 400 2222) needs expert help to dismantle
Able UK will dismantle the former French naval vessel the Clemenceau in Hartlepool, despite fears over asbestos.
The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation purchased the building in 2004 and plans to dismantle it floor by floor, making the land that it's on part of the new World Trade Center site.
the labor to dismantle the product, and based upon experience, guess work or the more mundane facts of business, such as space and labor availability.
In addition to high-rise building demolition, the SK3500D can dismantle smaller buildings by changing the front attachment or crusher.
So our contract with Bierlein Companies was to dismantle just nine of the North Tower's 10 stories."
Among the string of successes claimed by RDC are the headlights used on the current 3 Series range: despite comprising numerous individual components and materials, they take little time to dismantle. Konn also claims the fenders on the new 7 Series range have also been constructed with a view to being particularly easy to handle at end of life.