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The loss of an almost insignificant weight suffices to produce a very noticeable displacement.
The extent to which populations in the most developed countries are exposed to hazards also led to some of the world's largest displacements.
Applications are invited for: Desk study review on the somali compact and displacements
We are interested in the spatial dimensions of these processes--especially in terms of concepts such as repatriation and non-physical displacements.
While the persuasiveness of this strategy rests on viewing job displacements as exogenous, the literature has extensively argued that job displacements in panel study of income dynamics (PS1D) data can be viewed as largely exogenous shocks to household income (Charles and Stephens 2004; Lindo 2010; Stephens 2002).
In the autumn of 2011 The Museum of International Ceramic Art in Denmark asked Bache and the Danish ceramist Lene Roehrig Kjaer to participate in an exhibition under the title Displacements.
These successive civilian and military governments saw war and its associated displacements as a necessary price for crushing the Khawarij (outlawed rebels) and bringing the south under the control of the central state (Khalid 2003, Johnson 2003).
MAX Equipment offers its MAX-213 and MAX-214 flow meters with small displacements that allow the pipeline operator to precisely dose anticorrosion liquids into the line.
The displacements between displacement sensors and measured position are adjusted to make sure that it is within their measurement ranges.
While previous work on the problem of displacement of populations around the globe has focused on displacements resulting from international conflicts and civil wars, this work by McDowell (international politics, City U.
Abstract: Elastic displacements that occur inside P-joint have considerable impact on gantry robot's accuracy.