Dispute with college over funds

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Country: Philippines
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I used to work for a public university. I was asked to attend a seminar funded by the institution. I hesitated stating that I had already taken up the course and was convincing that someone else take up my postiion and attend it. The univeristy insisted and had the cheque ready and named after me. I asked if if will be deducted from my salary and they said no. And no contract was signed between the school and me of any accountabilites on my part. After the two month seminar, an offer from another school came up and at the same time my contract with them expired. Before it expired, i already had my clearance cleared. I submitted my letter stating my desire to non-renewal of my contract. In the first two months after I left, i was informed by colleagues that i still have money to claim from the school. I went there and was shocked that my collectibles were held. I asked them the reason, and were insisting that i pay them the registration fee of the seminar. I ignored the issue and was able to get what I had to collect but this december, my 13th month pay and tax returns were placed on hold for the same reasons. Do I have all the right reasons to claim and for them to hold my money although no contract was signed? What should I do if they demand for payment or a service for me to be able to get the money? Is it right for them to do that to me?


They cannot take those funds; you may file in a small claims type court to collect if need be--
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