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DISSEISEE, torts. One who is wrongfully put out of possession of his lands.

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49) There is a debate about whether the adverse possessor has a right to possess depending on material fact of possession or a form of seisen that continues until the disseisee terminates it by re-entry.
si:) C C--the letter C CE cedar, ceanothus, ibices, panacea, circe CEE ceefax, dicees, proceed, seducee CEY ceylonite (a ferruginous variety of spinel from Ceylon) CIE cieling, abcie CY cypres (in Law, means 'as near as practicable') SAO Saorstat eirann (Irish Free State) SEA season, heartsease, Chelsea SEI seiff (old type of eye-wash), casein, disseisee SI sikh, arsine, Farsi SSAE thalassemia, vibrissae SSEE lesseeship, assessee SSI assize (parallel beds of rock agreeing in their organic remains) SY Sylow (P.
51234 12436 TRILL-RILLS 51234 12463 DISSEISEES (w3) 51234 12643 HARD-EARNED 51234 16243 INSTENESTE 51234 61243 PERSEVERES