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Thee dostna believe but what the dissenters and the Methodists have got the root o' the matter as well as the church folks.
I don't see why you should have been so surprised because I was a dissenter.
He meant to show the High Churchmen how absurd and wicked was their desire to punish the Dissenters for worshiping God in their own way.
Then I have no doubt,' said Mrs Nickleby, 'that it was with him my great-grandfather went to school; for I know the master of his school was a dissenter, and that would, in a great measure, account for the Cock-lane Ghost's behaving in such an improper manner to the clergyman when he grew up.
Indeed I have little doubt,' said Flora, running on with astonishing speed, and pointing her conversation with nothing but commas, and very few of them, 'that you are married to some Chinese lady, being in China so long and being in business and naturally desirous to settle and extend your connection nothing was more likely than that you should propose to a Chinese lady and nothing was more natural I am sure than that the Chinese lady should accept you and think herself very well off too, I only hope she's not a Pagodian dissenter.
besides several compositions in prose, purporting to be dialogues between the Emperor of China and an oyster, or the Archbishop of Canterbury and a dissenter on the subject of church-rates, but all having the same moral, namely, that the reader must make haste to Jarley's, and that children and servants were admitted at half-price.
A peasant would run away, a fashionable dissenter would run away, the flunkey of another man's thought, for you've only to show him the end of your little finger and he'll be ready to believe in anything for the rest of his life.
The parliamentary group of Bulgarian far-right party Ataka may collapse, as three more dissenters are reportedly set to leave it.
Wellspring of Liberty: How Virginia's Religious Dissenters Helped Win the American Revolution and Secured Religious Liberty.
Washington, DC -- Prominent Catholic dissenters have created a new organization to promote homosexual political causes and change Catholic opinion in direct opposition to the U.
The British pound rallied following the release of the minutes from the Bank of England's last meeting on September 9-10, as it indicated that all of the Monetary Policy Committee members voted to leave policy unchanged, including the dissenters from that August meeting who voted in favor of a larger expansion to their quantitative easing program.
In Dissenting Voices in America's Rise to Power; David Mayers offers a major rereading of US foreign policy from the Louisiana Purchase to the Korean War by focusing on dissenters within the policymaking elite.