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Guideline on Quality of Distance Education for External Students at The HEI'S of Pakistan.
This is an important consideration as educational opportunities expand through distance education for all policy makers, practitioners, and researchers.
Using Rogers' (2003) theory for this type of research could help to implement and possibly increase adoption and diffusion of distance education in the health education profession.
Prof Inamullah said Distance Education Program was designed for students irrespective of caste, gender and age discrimination, adding students of the brotherly Muslims countries Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia have been enrolled in different disciplines also.
New interest in online education among the states was triggered by a 2010 federal effort to push a new regulation requiting colleges to obtain and document state approvals for any distance education program offered outside an institution's home state.
The Universe for Open and Distance Learning Institutes (ODLIs) in India comprises 249 institutes, out of which 188 institutes are currently offering Distance Education Programmes.
9 million students were taking a minimum of one distance education course, supporting the notion that distance education has grown "at an astonishing pace" (p.
It is time to lay the old aside and embrace distance education.
Ferlazzo approached me, knowing that I have some experience in distance education, to determine my interest in chairing a Phi Kappa Phi committee to study this matter.
Moore's (1987) theories of transactional distance education are used as a theoretical framework, and the study applies a systems analysis to this specific online program (Moore & Kearsley, 2004).
The factor which posed the greatest concern to all faculty and division chairs regarding their participation in distance education was the workload that faculty incur as a result of participating in distance education.
Suggested respondents were the director of curriculum, the technology coordinator, or the distance education coordinator.

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