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Related to this definition, other two important concepts can be described (Doicin, 2002): Complex Distinctive Feature (CDF), as the distinctive feature composed by several neighbouring distinctive features (a group of adjacent DF's), connected by precedence relations and having a certain role in the activities of defining the process plans variants, and Dominant Distinctive Feature (DDF), as those distinctive feature within a Complex Distinctive Feature having the biggest dimensions, and which gives the complex feature the main characteristics from constructive point of view.
Flood geology"--according to which Noah's Flood, as described in Genesis, was a historical worldwide event responsible for the distinctive features of the Earth's geology--is nothing new.
Wind's approach prompts us to grasp distinctive features of Michelangelo's art.
This paper proposes an explanation of the priority rule that, better than previous explanations, accounts for the distinctive features of the rule.
This function has three arguments: A [intersection] B, the common features of a and b; A - B, the distinctive features of a that are not shared by b; and B - A, the distinctive features of b that are not shared by a.
In most cases, the distinctive features of the book can be viewed as both strengths and weaknesses, depending on the reader's perspective.
By handing over capital-intensive processes to external vendors, large insurers can free up capital for investments that create or improve distinctive features in products and services.
Here are some of the leading sites and the distinctive features they contain:
The distinctive features of an affluent domestic interior were textiles which provided household furnishing and clothing, which functioned as a symbol of power and social status and played a vital economic role in industry and trade.
Distinctive features include self centering 130 deg point; short flute length for maximum rigidity which allows more holes per drill; quick spiral for improved cutting action and chip control; and reduced web point to resist work hardening and improve penetration.
The researchers then analyzed the DNA of affected family members to try to identify distinctive features that might account for the missing teeth.
Most programs come with similar tools, but each has distinctive features that some users may find more comfortable than others.