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The implemented method is subject to improve because it is not able yet to offer precise values for simple distinctive features of type chamfer and fillet.
Flood geology"--according to which Noah's Flood, as described in Genesis, was a historical worldwide event responsible for the distinctive features of the Earth's geology--is nothing new.
Other distinctive features will include a rounded rump -not unlike that of the Ford Ka -and 'hidden' rear door handles built into the slim door pillars which is an idea 'borrowed' from Alfa Romeo.
Wind's approach prompts us to grasp distinctive features of Michelangelo's art.
This paper proposes an explanation of the priority rule that, better than previous explanations, accounts for the distinctive features of the rule.
In most cases, the distinctive features of the book can be viewed as both strengths and weaknesses, depending on the reader's perspective.
UB: One of the distinctive features about the way the higher education is funded in this country is that the federal government tends not to fund institutions.
For must wine, the committee says: "The distinctive features of a wine are defined by the quality and thus the origin of the raw material, the grapes.
By handing over capital-intensive processes to external vendors, large insurers can free up capital for investments that create or improve distinctive features in products and services.
You get value for money, it's spacious and has many distinctive features.
Here are some of the leading sites and the distinctive features they contain:
The distinctive features of an affluent domestic interior were textiles which provided household furnishing and clothing, which functioned as a symbol of power and social status and played a vital economic role in industry and trade.