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To set apart as being separate or different; to point out an essential disparity.

To distinguish one case from another case means to show the dissimilarities between the two. It means to prove a case that is cited as applicable to the case currently in dispute is really inapplicable because the two cases are different.

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v. to argue that the rule in one appeals court decision does not apply to a particular case although there is an apparent similarity (i.e. it is "distinguished").

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to show that a precedent is not in point. When a lawyer has distinguished a precedent, he has shown the court that it does not actually cover the facts of the case before the court.
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The reason of introducing EDTA is based on its chelating and capping effects, which will influence the growth rate of different facets distinguishingly. Once the EDTA is dissociated from the [Sm.sup.3+] ions, it will bind to the specific surface of the precipitated SmV[O.sub.4], which directly affects the facet growth and crystallinity of the nanocrystals [48].
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