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One of the common power quality problems such as harmonic distortion may affect the whole electrical environment either industrial area or residential such as office, homes and so on.
Rapporteur Salvatore Cicus draft report for the Committee on International Trade (INTA) of the European Parliament explains the principle behind the report stating, it is crucial to understand whether the concept and the definition of significant distortions is clear enough and legally strong to justify the use of the alternative methodology.
An Exact Formula for Calculating Inverse Radial Lens Distortions.
To remedy the lack of prior knowledge of reference images, most of NR-IQA algorithms are limited to some specific distortions, dataset training, or IQA models.
Objective: The objective of the present study was to investigate the internal consistency, temporal stability and split half reliability of ICP Cognitive Distortions Scale-Urdu
The magnetic field distortions in the presence of metal ions cause large resonant frequency variations, resulting remarkable number of artifacts in MRI.
Furthermore, surgical scars, fibrocystic changes, and simply superimposition of breast tissues may generate similar parenchymal distortions.
We refer to Wang (2000) for a thorough discussion of this class of distortions and their properties.
rebar in floors, beams in walls), batteries, automotive parts, magnets in speakers, electric motors, cell phones, DC currents in wires can create either permanent or transitory distortions to the local magnetic field.
Humans and monkeys had control over how many dot distortions of the to-be-tested category to view before transitioning to test.
In order to examine the nature of body image distortions, the authors studied the participants' perceptual and idealized components using a video distortion technique to create photographs of dancers, anorexics, and controls that made their bodies look larger.
In 1978, Distortions Unlimited founder--and Halloween industry legend--Ed Edmunds sold his motorcycle to buy a drum of latex and started making masks.