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So much so, that if this distortion were not the general rule, perhaps these dreadful crimes would be less frequent.
And recollect--it was a YOUTH, at the particular age which is most helplessly susceptible to the distortion of ideas
Coupled with this distortion of the face, this Hippocratic smile, or 'risus sardonicus,' as the old writers called it, what conclusion would it suggest to your mind?
The very clearness and brilliancy of his style are often obtained at the expense of real truth; for the force of his sweeping statements and his balanced antitheses often requires much heightening or even distortion of the facts; in making each event and each character stand out in the plainest outline he has often stripped it of its background of qualifying circumstances.
There was something either in that smile or the recollections it awakened that was particularly displeasing to her, for she suddenly assumed again that proud, chilly look that had so unspeakably roused my aversion at church - a look of repellent scorn, so easily assumed, and so entirely without the least distortion of a single feature, that, while there, it seemed like the natural expression of the face, and was the more provoking to me, because I could not think it affected.
If we construct this hypothetical system for each appearance of the object in turn, the system corresponding to a given appearance x will be independent of any distortion due to the medium beyond x, and will only embody such distortion as is due to the medium between x and the object.
In the place where it had been was something that was fearful in its strained distortion and in the sounds that came from it.
She had no fear of the dear old grandfather, in whose love for her this disease of the brain had been engendered; but the man she had seen that night, wrapt in the game of chance, lurking in her room, and counting the money by the glimmering light, seemed like another creature in his shape, a monstrous distortion of his image, a something to recoil from, and be the more afraid of, because it bore a likeness to him, and kept close about her, as he did.
Raskolnikov smiled at the exaggerated and intentional distortion of his idea.
Humans and monkeys had control over how many dot distortions of the to-be-tested category to view before transitioning to test.
In 1978, Distortions Unlimited founder--and Halloween industry legend--Ed Edmunds sold his motorcycle to buy a drum of latex and started making masks.
Four archetypes form "the natural psychological basis of masculinity" but, because of original sin, and disordered conditioning in the home, both passive and active distortions of these archetypes are in evidence.