Distracted person

DISTRACTED PERSON, This term is used in the statutes of Illinois; Rev. Laws of Ill. 1833, p. 332; and New Hampshire; Dig. Laws of N. H. 1830, p. 339; to express a state of insanity.

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Moreover, Talking-Ally demonstrates a specific communication protocol that is shown to successfully re-engage a distracted person.
Do you really want to be that distracted person, or do you want to get what you need quickly and get back to life?
The checkout is manned by the Most Distracted Person on Earth, who is unable to make two moves in your favour before finding something else to do.
A distracted person, by contrast, was anyone who "by the Providence of God, shall fall into distraction, and become Non compos mentis.
11) In England, married women, children, idiots and distracted persons were prohibited from transferring property out of their estates.
Children, Idiots, Distracted persons, and all that are strangers, or new commers to our plantation, shall have such allowances and dispensations in any Cause whether Criminall or other as religion and reason require.
Compare this passage of Parris' with the words of William Bates, English Puritan preacher, who denied the spirituality of both idiots and distracted persons.
The theme is simplicity which, when gained, claims Martin Marty, will give an otherwise busy and distracted person new vision, purpose and serenity.
Distracted persons raved; they had lost their wits; they saw things that were not there.
Nor does Neely explore the place of distracted persons among vagrant populations.