Distracted person

DISTRACTED PERSON, This term is used in the statutes of Illinois; Rev. Laws of Ill. 1833, p. 332; and New Hampshire; Dig. Laws of N. H. 1830, p. 339; to express a state of insanity.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"I am an easily distracted person. So for me to get rid of some distractions means I could concentrate for the 20 minutes I am needed on the golf course.
Moreover, Talking-Ally demonstrates a specific communication protocol that is shown to successfully re-engage a distracted person. This is instrumental in achieving persuasive communication and convincing interaction with the robot.
Do you really want to be that distracted person, or do you want to get what you need quickly and get back to life?"
The checkout is manned by the Most Distracted Person on Earth, who is unable to make two moves in your favour before finding something else to do.
Libertie 14 granted to "any woman that is married, any childe under age, Ideott or distracted person" the right to convey property with the approval of the General Court.
Children, Idiots, Distracted persons, and all that are strangers, or new commers to our plantation, shall have such allowances and dispensations in any Cause whether Criminall or other as religion and reason require.
An Act for the Relief of Ideots and Distracted Persons extended assistance to idiots and distracted persons when "no Relations appear that will undertake the care of providing for them." (20) Selectmen and Overseers of the Poor were appointed as guardians to determine their needs and make the necessary arrangements.
Compare this passage of Parris' with the words of William Bates, English Puritan preacher, who denied the spirituality of both idiots and distracted persons. The passage is important for two reasons: First it provides an indication of the similar ways that English and New England Puritan preachers incorporated images of idiocy into their writings; and second, it offers an etiology for idiocy and distraction that may well have been adopted on both sides of the Atlantic.
The theme is simplicity which, when gained, claims Martin Marty, will give an otherwise busy and distracted person new vision, purpose and serenity.
As early as 1823, in only the fifth year of Illinois statehood, legislation was enacted allowing conservators to be appointed for "any idiot, lunatic or distracted person" possessed of property.
Distracted persons raved; they had lost their wits; they saw things that were not there.
Nor does Neely explore the place of distracted persons among vagrant populations.