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Distraction osteogenesis has been applied in the treatment of a wide variety of problems including severe limb length discrepancy, acquired and congenital deformities, fracture nonunion, and osteomyelitis [1, 17, 20].
Distraction osteogenesis for the craniomaxillofacial region.
The process of distraction osteogenesis was intensively investigated in the 20th Century both by basic research and clinical studies.
Key words: fracture, misaligned ossification, distraction osteogenesis, orthopedics, mandible, rhinotheca, avian, mute swan, Cygnus olor
Distraction osteogenesis has been shown to be a reliable method for reconstructing segmental femur defects [5].
There are two major benefits: when we compare distraction osteogenesis (DO) to conventional orthognathic surgery distraction osteogenesis can be used in the growing person in whom expansion and new generation of soft tissues envelope is necessary.
Mandibular distraction osteogenesis in Hemifacial Microsomia: Long- term follow up.
Specifically relating to distraction osteogenesis surgery (surgery to lengthen part of the anatomy, in this case the lower jaw) this technology provides the possibility to reduce costs across the healthcare system by providing care at an earlier stage for patients who would traditionally require a longer-term tracheostomy.
Distraction osteogenesis and orthognathic procedures were also undertaken according to the need.
Bone block movement after osteotomy creates a dynamic microenvironment similar to distraction osteogenesis, but does not show regional demineralization in medullary bone.
Circular ossification is driven by the mechanism of distraction osteogenesis (Figure 1), which forms strong bone tissue throughout the entire thickness of the bone walls [13].
Conclusions: Distraction osteogenesis may be the best biological method of restoring the integrity of a bone in segmental bone loss.