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However with AccessData's distributed processing technology, it only took 6 days, 5 hours.
However, the distributed processing functions in Event Server 5.
We are privileged to have DAG join us in this round and to maintain our strong relationship with Benchmark and Morgenthaler as we grow the company for wider deployment of our unique scalable, distributed processing solution for accurate large-scale circuit simulation.
Until now, Ewald said, developing high-performance applications for distributed processing networks has been a time- consuming task, often too complex for anyone but full-time computer programmers.
Leveraging a unique architecture and advanced modeling capabilities, these revolutionary products allow affordable massively distributed processing of DRC and LVS comparison and integrate inherent DFM knowledge into physical verification.
SSD was founded in 1987 to provide customized computer- based software solutions to the rapidly expanding market for management and control of communications networks and distributed processing systems.
FineSim SPICE's accuracy and the fast runtime delivered by its distributed processing helped us complete very advanced designs more quickly - our previous simulator took 26 days, whereas FineSim SPICE took less than 24 hours for the same design.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Grid technology and virtual infrastructure expert United Devices (UD) announced today that its portfolio of patents doubled in 2006 with six patents assigned to the company for software developments in distributed processing and virtualization.
FineSim Pro extends the capabilities of the production-proven FineSim circuit simulator, incorporating a new tri-mode simulation engine with distributed processing that enables simulation of entire mixed-signal systems on a chip (SoCs) at the transistor level.

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