Distributive justice

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DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE. That virtue, whose object it is to distribute rewards and punishments to every one according to his merits or demerits. Tr. of Eq. 3; Lepage, El. du Dr. ch. 1, art. 3, Sec. 2 1 Toull. n. 7, note. See Justice.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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To say the truth, I had conceived a few scruples with relation to the distributive justice of princes upon those occasions.
The end and goal of letters- I am not speaking now of divine letters, the aim of which is to raise and direct the soul to Heaven; for with an end so infinite no other can be compared- I speak of human letters, the end of which is to establish distributive justice, give to every man that which is his, and see and take care that good laws are observed: an end undoubtedly noble, lofty, and deserving of high praise, but not such as should be given to that sought by arms, which have for their end and object peace, the greatest boon that men can desire in this life.
Independent variable of the study was organizational justice which constitutes of procedural and distributive justice. Procedural and distributive justice consisted of 6 and 5 items respectively and were measured based on instrument developed by Niehoff and Moorman (1993).
Responsibility and Distributive Justice is a collection of 13 new, high-quality essays written by some of the most well-known philosophers working on responsibility-sensitive egalitarianism (RSE) or, more generally, in the field of distributive justice.
But isn't social justice merely another name for "distributive justice," a well-known form of classical justice developed by Aristotle?
As I pointed out in my initial response, Finn incorrectly understands both justice in exchange (commutative justice) and distributive justice (which he erroneously identified with the universal destination of goods).
He stated that when social workers help their clients to get a minimal level of these social primary goods, "minimal distributive justice" results (1988b, p.
Some scholarly analysts turn to equity-based principles of distributive justice in an effort to give a principled account of justly allocated burdens or costs, treating the basic problem as one of equitably allocating atmospheric space among current and future parties, which is understandable in view of the fundamentally distributive problem that burden allocation typically entails.
Crossan's focus on distributive justice as the heart of Christianity's foundational prayer may be too earthbound for some, but his case is so deeply rooted in the Bible that even his harshest critic must admit Crossan is on to something.
It focuses on five areas of justice, namely, social and political justice, administrative justice, distributive justice, cultural justice and ecological justice.
New Perspectives on Distributive Justice: Deep Disagreements, Pluralism, and the Problem of Consensus