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INSPECTOR. The name given to certain officers whose duties are to examine and inspect things over which they have jurisdiction; as, inspector of bark , one who is by law authorized to examine bark for exportation, and to approve or disapprove of its quality. Inspectors of customs are officers appointed by the general government: as to their duties, see Story's L. U. S. vol. 1, 590, 605, 609, 610, 612, 619, 621, 623, 650; ii. 1490, 1516; iii. 1650, 1790.

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He also informed that the accused School Inspector and District Inspector of Schools have since been suspended.
The counties' rural district inspector Gary Kelly has launched a CCTV Watch Scheme and he hopes that businesses and members of the public will support the project The scheme involves PCSO's compiling a list of where all the CCTV cameras are sighted in the town centres of Llanrwst, Betwys-y-Coed, Denbigh, Ruthin, Corwen and Llangollen.
The City Council voted in July to recommend that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission deny Dugger that license, and sent that vote on to OLCC district inspector Mark Lokietz.
Rod Henderson, the MFA's district inspector of fisheries for the north of England, said: "The guys are in a very difficult situation and have said enough is enough.
Superintendent Ramon Cortines is scheduled Monday to release an audit of the district's Facilities Division by Los Angeles Unified School District Inspector General Jerry Thornton.
District Inspector Oswald Swanzy ordered the killing of MacCurtain who was the Sinn Fein Mayor of Cork and an IRA commander.
A scholar and antiquarian, Kha-em-wase enjoyed using rituals in their most ancient forms, some of which puzzled the district inspector whom we met at the shrine.
The Epsom district inspector wanted to know whether or not they should attempt to tax Wootton's betting profits, as his punting was arguably an integral part of his business.
I remember the District Inspector of Health once saying to me 'I don't know whether you are made for the job or the job is made for you,'"
A district inspector in the border town of Newry also complained that he had been overruled after opposing the rerouting of a Catholic civil rights march.
According to the lawsuit, in 2001 a Warren City Health District inspector concluded that Warren Recycling's operation of the landfill had created a "nuisance" and was a "health hazard.
Sian Williams, district inspector for the area, said: "Such proactive operations demonstrate the effectiveness of partnership working.

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