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INSPECTOR. The name given to certain officers whose duties are to examine and inspect things over which they have jurisdiction; as, inspector of bark , one who is by law authorized to examine bark for exportation, and to approve or disapprove of its quality. Inspectors of customs are officers appointed by the general government: as to their duties, see Story's L. U. S. vol. 1, 590, 605, 609, 610, 612, 619, 621, 623, 650; ii. 1490, 1516; iii. 1650, 1790.

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More specifically, the Proposal submitted in response to this RFP must identify the individual within the firm recommended for appointment by the Governing Board to hold the title of District Inspector General as contemplated by Section 373.
The Epsom district inspector wanted to know whether or not they should attempt to tax Wootton's betting profits, as his punting was arguably an integral part of his business.
A district inspector in the border town of Newry also complained that he had been overruled after opposing the rerouting of a Catholic civil rights march.
Bromsgrove District Inspector Julian Smith said: "The closures will be managed by us to allow a safe and clear passage for the cortege while causing minimum disruption.
We have received many complaints of donations being sought even for nursery admissions," Ghaziabad district inspector of schools ( DIOS) Ravindra Singh said.
According to the ministry's Nicosia District Inspector Maria Economidou, the specific school is situated next to the APOEL fan club and whenever there is a critical game a" the Nicosia side beat eternal rivals Omonia in a incident-marked derby on Saturday a" Dianellou and Theodotou is always targeted.
PSNI District Inspector Graham Dodds said: "Throughout this operation community safety has been paramount and that will continue to be the case.
Defra's district inspector of fisheries for Wales, Martin Hearn, is optimistic this will make a difference 'because we can then ask a hotel or restaurant where they bought the fish.
An investigation by the Los Angeles Unified School District inspector general, Don Mullinax, found that Emerald Development Co.
Mount Isa police district Inspector Paul Biggin informed the Australian officers that the inland Queensland city and other mining towns are increasingly being confronted with the problem.
In June Anglesey's new district inspector Michael Isaacs said he was looking to get grips with fuel and metal theft on the island.
Wyre Forest District Inspector Paul Crowley said: "This kind of situation can be intimidating for the residents involved.

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