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INSPECTOR. The name given to certain officers whose duties are to examine and inspect things over which they have jurisdiction; as, inspector of bark , one who is by law authorized to examine bark for exportation, and to approve or disapprove of its quality. Inspectors of customs are officers appointed by the general government: as to their duties, see Story's L. U. S. vol. 1, 590, 605, 609, 610, 612, 619, 621, 623, 650; ii. 1490, 1516; iii. 1650, 1790.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The district inspector remarked: "It was common for trainers not to make profits, although they were able to live sumptuously out of betting winnings."
A district inspector in the border town of Newry also complained that he had been overruled after opposing the rerouting of a Catholic civil rights march.
Acting District Inspector Mike Norbury said: "By conducting these warrants our aim is to cause disruption to the trade in illegal drugs across the area.
The family claims that the victim had been in Dadu till Sunday, after which he had returned to his home in Korangi, Karachi.Offering a different perspective on the incident, District Inspector General East Amir Farooqi saidthat "preliminary findings indicate that Rahim had withdrawn cash from the bank, soon after which two men riding a motorbike intercepted him near Bhains Colony Mor on main National Highway.
At the occasion, District Inspector General (DIG) Kuzdar, Mohammad Yousaf, District Police Officer (DPO) Lasbela, Agha Ramzan Ali and others were also present. Karachi Sahiwal police have arrested the prime suspect in the recent knife attacks on women that have been taking place in Karachi, District Inspector General Sultan Ali Khowaja said on Sunday.
RISALPUR -- District Inspector General (DIG) Mardan region inaugurated first of its kind one window operation facilities including Digital Investigation Unit and Driving School branch on Wednesday.
He also informed that the accused School Inspector and District Inspector of Schools have since been suspended.
Inspector Jeff Moses, District Inspector for North Flintshire, said the theft of copper cable from electricity sub-stations in the Flint area is an on going problem.
Wyre Forest District Inspector Paul Crowley said: "This kind of situation can be intimidating for the residents involved.

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