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District Court

A designation of an inferior state court that exercises general jurisdiction that it has been granted by the constitution or statute which created it. A U.S. judicial tribunal with original jurisdiction to try cases or controversies that fall within its limited jurisdiction.

A state district might, for example, determine civil actions between state residents based upon contract violations or tortious conduct that occurred within the state.

Federal district courts are located in places designated by federal law, hearing cases in at least one place in every state. Most federal cases, whether civil actions or criminal prosecutions for violations of federal law, commence in district court. Cases arising under the Constitution, federal law, or treaty, or cases between citizens of different states, must also involve an interest worth more than $75,000 before the district court can exercise its jurisdiction.

The federal district courts also have original and exclusive jurisdiction of Bankruptcy cases, and admiralty, maritime, and prize cases, which determine rights in ships and cargo captured at sea. State courts are powerless to hear these kinds of controversies.

A party can appeal a decision made in district court in the Court of Appeal.


Federal Courts.

district court

n. 1) in the federal court system, a trial court for federal cases in a court district, which is all or a portion of a state. 2) a local court in some states. (See: court)

district court

1 in Scotland a court of summary jurisdiction held by a stipendiary magistrate or one or more justices of the peace to deal with minor criminal offences.
2 in the USA a federal trial court serving a federal judicial district or in some states a court having general jurisdiction in a state judicial district.
3 in Australia and New Zealand a court lower than a high court.
4 a court in the Republic of Ireland.

DISTRICT COURT. The name of one of the courts of the United States. It is held by a judge, called the district judge. Several courts under the same name have been established by state authority. Vide Courts of the United States.

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From these two distinct events, two databases were created: an appellate decision database and a district court judge lawsuit database.
The district court judge believed the defendant's testimony regarding the timing of the rights.
Whether sanctioning discrimination or curbing environmental regulations, decisions by both appeals and district court judges have real, ongoing consequences.
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District Court Judge Clarence Cooper ruled in 2005 that the evolution disclaimer is a violation of the separation of church and state and ordered the stickers removed from the district's biology textbooks.
A district court judge there last June declared the film to be child pornography.
district court judge for the Southern District of New York at the time of his appointment by President Clinton.
District Court Judge Harry Claiborne in Las Vegas was found guilty in 1984 of filing false income tax returns and was later impeached by the Senate, as was Alcee Hastings, a U.
A Los Angeles Federal District Court judge ruled that Classified's patent was not "enabled" based on the opinion of an expert Del hired for the lawsuit and based on tests designed by Del's lawyers.
has served as a Superior Court Justice since 2010 and as a District Court judge beginning from 2004 until 2010.

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