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The Royal College of Nursing in Wales says there is an "alarming shortage" of district nurses - even though there is a drive to provide more care outside of hospitals.
District nurses in the community are able to link remotely to health board servers and clinical systems.
Unite/CPHVA says: 'This is excellent news, as it is impossible to see how older and infirm people can have their health needs supported in their own homes without a great increase in the number of qualified district nurses.
We are reviewing how district nurses use records as a result of this incident, there will be an internal investigation which I'm due to receive a report on next week.
Health staff have estimated that the new system reduces the time spent by the district nurses on unnecessary paperwork and travel by at least an hour per nurse per day.
Sandwell district nurses (from left) Diane Clarke, Gail Fisher, Wendy Hawkins, Jackie Brookes and, Trudy Boyce are pictured with Alice Walton holding one of the eight syringe driver holders.
Councillors yesterday claimed district nurses would struggle to cope with changes proposed by a Birmingham health trust to improve end-of-life care for patients, writes Emma Brady.
She was featured in the Daily Record 20 years ago whenwe ran an article about the popular BBC drama The District Nurse, starring Nerys Hughes.
THE future of district nurses in the Midlands is under threat because of the spiralling cost of petrol.
Photo: (1 -- color) Lancaster School District nurse Josie Carbonell, right, watches as students Elyssa Jackson, 11, checks her insulin pump and Candice Grady, 12, center, takes a blood test.
A district nurse is trained to measure the healthcare needs of patients and their families, monitor the standard of care patients receive, and he or she is professionally accountable for the delivery of safe, dignified quality care.

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