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A turning aside or altering of the natural course or route of a thing. The term is chiefly applied to the unauthorized change or alteration of a water course to the prejudice of a lower riparian, or to the unauthorized use of funds.

A program for the disposition of a criminal charge without a criminal trial; sometimes called operation de nova, intervention, or deferred prosecution.

The disposition is conditional on the defendant's performing certain tasks or participating in a treatment program. If the conditions are successfully completed, the charge is dismissed. But if the accused does not meet his or her obligations, prosecution may be instituted.


Riparian Rights.

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n. in criminal procedure, a system for giving a chance for a first time criminal defendant in lesser crimes to perform community service, make restitution for damage due to the crime, obtain treatment for alcohol or drug problems and/or counselling for antisocial or mentally unstable conduct. If the defendant cooperates and the diversion results in progress, the charges eventually may be dismissed. Diversion may not be granted for a second offense. (See: probation)

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He said this was because one of his constituents has been waiting years for a similar diversion.
Here, we apply four tests for whether hospitals change their diversion behavior when a neighboring hospital on diversion is a public hospital, a behavior we term "strategic diversions." First, we ask whether, after a neighboring hospital declares a diversion, hospitals are more likely to declare their own diversions if the neighboring hospital is public vs private.
The procession is scheduled to be taken out from Imambargah Qasr-i-Zainabia, G-6/4, at around 4pm and concluded at imambargah, G-6/2, at around 7:30pm, police said, adding that the diversion plan would be put in place at 3pm.
A spokesman for WV Active Aldersley said: "WV Active customers will still be able to access the centre from this direction by following the diversion. We apologise for any inconvenience caused."
The chief executive officer of the multinational soda ash mining company, Harish Nair, said NEMA and WARMA approved all the dyking works for diversion of the river to curb siltation in Lake Magadi.
'This bypass road will serve as diversion road to north-bound vehicles in case flashfloods occur along the Diversion Road, entrance of La Verna Hills Subdivision,' Borromeo said in a letter.
'We made changes until they said, 'This looks good.'' Attendees at the workshops, which last three and a half hours, gain a solid foundation in the basic principles of diversion monitoring.
As part of the BD HealthSight[TM] platform designed to support enterprise-wide medication management, the new BD HealthSight[TM] diversion management application is the next step in the company's efforts to address drug diversion through integrated solutions and analytics.
In a press release, BD said that as part of the BD HealthSight platform that is designed to support enterprise-wide medication management, the new BD HealthSight diversion management application is "the next step in the company's efforts to address drug diversion through integrated solutions and analytics."
Hsia, M.D., from the University of California in San Francisco, and colleagues examined the extent to which both daily inpatient and emergency department volume at specific hospitals and diversion levels (the number of hours that ambulances were diverted on a given day) at the nearest neighboring hospital correlated with diversion levels.