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This was by no means an intended slight of that liturgy to which the divine alluded, but was the habit of a people who owed their very existence, as a distinct nation, to the doctrinal character of their ancestors.
To whom the Son with calm aspect and cleer Light'ning Divine, ineffable, serene, Made answer.
Thus farr his bold discourse without controule Had audience, when among the Seraphim ABDIEL, then whom none with more zeale ador'd The Deitie, and divine commands obei'd, Stood up, and in a flame of zeale severe The current of his fury thus oppos'd.
The invite maker said it must be the longest entourage list they had printed,' Divine shared.
Critique: Inspired and inspiring, "Divine Romance & Perfect Partnership: The Immortal Principles and Powers of Divine Love
Susan Shumsky is a highly respected spiritual teacher, award-winning author, and founder of Divine Revelation with her unique, field-proven technology for contacting the divine presence, for hearing and testing the inner voice, and for receiving clear divine guidance.
At Ruth Divine Events we are an extension of our corporate client's staff so it's essential that we are able to be in their office at a moment's notice to ensure continuity of service so we want to be where they are," said Ruth Divine Events CEO, Donna Barnett.
Their perspective is helpful in understanding the Divine Spirit who births and sustains all of life.
Personal care products company DS Healthcare Group Inc (NasdaqCM: DSKX) revealed on Thursday the completion of the acquisition of Mexico City-based Divine Skin Laboratories SA.
The acquisition will increase Divine Skina[euro](tm)s current revenue and will expand its human resources.
Pool (religion, Berea College, Kentucky) investigates the Christian symbol of divine suffering by examining Christian attestations or testimonies to the suffering God in three volumes.
But where was this divine intervention when German troops invaded Poland, the lovely fine weather making it so easy for Germany to take over the country.