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"It was divine inspiration," says guitarist Steph Paynes of the cover band's formation.
Take a dose of craft traditions, mix it with a spiritual set of insights into the wellsprings of divine inspiration, and pair it with recipes and crafts geared for celebrations of life and you have a multicultural magic guide which integrates crafts with new age spirituality and well-being.
No matter how many claim their Platonic view, I will go on by mentioning Plato's dialogue Ion, where the philosopher seems to contradict himself by utilizing the image of the magnet as a metaphor of divine inspiration. There, he argues that the muse inspires the artist, who inspires the interpreter, who inspires the audience (Ibid, pp.
To arrive at this requires at least three things: radical self honesty, divine inspiration and teamwork.
However, patients looking for some divine inspiration on the road to recovery were not totally ignored.
Call it divine inspiration, our cover story this month came about after a happenstance conversation I had on one of the shuttle busses leaving the conference site during the American Association of Housing and Services for the Aging (AAHSA) this past fall.
The author details the case of the Hixkaryana in Brazil and commends the help given by SIL Bible translators, though questioning SIL's motives because of "their faith in such hard-line Protestant doctrines as the divine inspiration of all biblical texts" (p.
"I go with my intuition, and I really do think that's divine inspiration."
The question is whether there can be any writing about divine inspiration without either proving or disproving its existence, or at least its actual presence.
6); debates over the use of exorcism in resolving claims of divine inspiration (Ch.
The difference between the two roles in ancient Hebrew culture has been well-documented: kings embodied a hereditary power supported by the labor and loyalty of subjects; prophets carried the authority of direct divine inspiration and often served as critics of oppressive royal practices.
I will argue that, even if the Bible did contain "thousands of detailed prophecies concerning events that were precisely fulfilled many years after the predictions were made," that would not "prove" the divine inspiration of the Bible.