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When the history-science of Genesis 1 is compared to ancient Near Eastern literature, it becomes readily apparent that its concepts about the natural world are ancient Near Eastern concepts; this again tells us that they are not divine revelations.
If in its own modest way Cowcliffe Methodist Church hopes that by making its door a "window to the world", to reach out and reveal not conceal that divine revelation, then I'm certain for a welcoming church - opportunity knocks
Sabbah recalls the old Christian belief that the Divine Revelation was progressive and that the truth concerning God and the message of salvation was not communicated only at one time, once and for all.
Founded in mid-nineteenth century Persia by the prophet Baha'u'llah, the religion teaches that divine revelation is continuous and progressive, and that all the great religions of the world are fundamentally in harmony.
Chris Ecclestone has a divine revelation while snogging Lesley Sharp (blessed are the big noses).
With that divine revelation last December, the Christian Coalition--a hardball Republican political operation with a thin religious veneer--was born again.
The book relates closely to two other major works of Baha'u'llah: The Seven Valleys (Haft-Vadi), an exposition on the progression of the soul, and The Book of Certitude (Kitab-i-Iqan), which gives an exploration of the progression of divine revelation and the tribulations sustained by the Manifestations of God.
As recounted in their Summary View of the Millennial Church (1823), the Shakers believe that Divine Revelation led them "to go forth and worship in the dance.
To theologians no less than ecclesiastical historians, those old enough to have been there and those who were not, this history of Vatican II's Constitution on Divine Revelation, Dei verbum, offers both instruction and delight.
All too often agents seemed to treat operators' brochures - and the purple prose within - as divine revelation, rather than as the glossy advertising and marketing tools they are,'' said Holiday Which?
Boutens' mysticism, or divine revelation, was achieved by linking the soul with the spirit of immortal beauty through complete introspection, or contemplation of the inner life.
Santayana also attacked the New Humanism of <IR> IRVING BABBITT </IR> and <IR> PAUL ELMER MORE </IR> because of their desire to reinstate a "settled belief" in a supernatural human soul and in a precise divine revelation.