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DIVISION, Eng. law. A particular and ascertained part of a county. In Lincolnshire, division means what riding does in Yorkshire.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Masayuki Tagashira, currently General Manger of Management Innovation Department of Planning & Coordination Division of Engineering & Production Center, will become General Manger of Production Strategy Division of Production & Procurement Management Division.
Greig, New York Division of Tax Appeals, Administrative Law Judge Unit, DTA No.
Via its Executive Committee, the Board of Governors reviews recommendations regarding industry issues from REBNY's six divisions, Boards of Directors and stranding committees and determines appropriate actions.
NCAA Division III David Brandt, Messiah College (PA)
Schneider was promoted to reflect the range of his continuing responsibilities for the National Information Center, which include overseeing key supervisory national applications such as BOND, NED, RSSD, and CDTR; representing the division on the interagency Call Report Modernization effort and the Information Sharing Task Force of the FFIEC; and being responsible for the division's information technology support.
* International Airman Division (SAF/IAPA), led by Colonel Robert Sarnoski, manages the International Affairs Specialist Program, the Air Force Attache Program, and the Military Personnel Exchange Program.
Presentations to the award winners will be made by the sponsors during the Rubber Division's Spring 169th Technical Meeting, to be held in Akron, OH, May 8-10, 2006.
The luncheon will feature the Best Paper and Division awards as well as the presentation of the Howard Taylor Award and the Ray H.
This new mission and new focus means that members of the Task Force will interface with the 3rd Infantry Division throughout the deployment to support activities at six installations, the departure port in Savannah, Ga., and the receiving port.
The challenge of the Business Division was and continues to be to enhance the success rates of the DE offerings without diminishing the rigor or requirements of the same.
* Best League position: 22nd in Division One, 1974-75.